Boom for iOS makes your cheap earbuds sound like a high-end system

Getting tunes to sound great on a smartphone is often an exercise in futility. More often than not, your handset — and the cheap earbuds that frequently accompany it — make a poor stand-in for whatever Hi-Fi audio equipment you’ve got plugged in at home. Boom, a new app for iOS, changes that by delivering the sort of listening experience typically reserved for high-end sound systems on a set of headphones.

Boom’s not unfamiliar territory for Global Delight, the company spearheading its development. The software launched five years ago on Mac in the form of a self-contained equalizer, Boom for Mac, but the iOS version is a bit more will-rounded. It sports a music selection tool, a sleep timer, and integration with streaming services like iTunes. It’s got swipe gestures for quickly queuing up songs and creating custom playlists, too, plus crossfade — i.e., the ability to have one song fade out while the next fades in — when switching tracks, and visualizer settings.