CE Week New York Explores Future of Money and Retail

It’s become increasingly clear that the dollar bill you have in your pocket now is going to be replaced by something – and that something is going to be digital. It may be virtual currency like a bitcoin. It may be an electronic payment system or one of the many varieties of e-wallets. On June 24th and 25th at NYC’s Metropolitan Pavilion, CE Week will be exploring alternatives to both traditional money and the traditional retail experiences.

CE Week has partnered with CoinAgenda to provide the first-ever Bitcoin showcase at a major mainstream consumer electronics conference. Ten Bitcoin companies will present at a special pavilion and a panel session will introduce audiences to the latest Bitcoin momentum.

On June 25th, CE Week is presenting the ‘Future of Retail’, a panel moderated by digital retail expert Laura Heller, from Fierce Retail.  Heller will engage some of the most innovative businesses in the nation including major credit card companies about how the retail experience will continue to change in light of new digital technologies including beacon, retail showcasing, 3D scanning and multichannel systems.

“Retail and banking are two of the latest arenas to be disrupted in the wake of new technologies, “ said Robin Raskin, Founder of Living in Digital Times, a CE Week partner. “Suddenly we find ourselves at a crossroads that can help brick and mortar, online stores and consumers have a more fluid experience.  Vendors who understand the new economics will thrive.”

CE Week Exhibits, June 24-25 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City, will bring together the top media, trade analysts and technology thought leaders for two days of product exhibitions, conference panels and presentations focused on innovation and what’s hot in consumer electronics. CE Week 2015 takes place citywide June 22-26.

For more information about participating in the CoinAgenda pavilion at CE Week, please contact CoinAgenda founder Michael Terpin at michael@coinagenda.com. For information about showcasing retail solutions contact Linda Nessim at Lindan@dcdmc.com.

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