Charge your phone with a skip and a kick: Smart soccer ball and jump rope can boost your battery


  • Uncharted Play presented its energy saving devices at CE Week
  • SOCCKET (ball) and PULSE is a (jump rope) both power devices with pendulum inside that captures kinetic energy from physically active
  • Has a built in UBS Port to connect devices for power 
  • M.O.R.E is customizable motor that can go into any moving product 


Nearly 1.2 billion people in the world lack access to reliable electricity and one startup presented devices at CE Week that harness the cheapest energy of all – human movement.

Uncharted Play has combined physical activity and technology in order to power a lamp for three hours with just 30 minutes of activity.

The SOCCKET ball and PULSE jump rope are designed with built-in mechanism that capture kinetic energy and transforms it into an electrical charge — and had an exclusive look at the New York event.

Uncharted Play joined the technology conference, which showcases the latest trends in the industry, alongside other emerging technologies from around the country.

And the firm is said to be a game changing device in the industry by both attendees and event planners.

‘You can buy the SOCCKET and PULSE online,’ Nadeem Mustafa, Impact Development Manager at Uncharted Play, told

‘You can email us through our inquiry page to create partnerships for more focus on our impact.’

‘Through out partnerships and Uplift one million campaign, we are trying to reach one million children by 2020.’

‘Through the power of play we can create anything.’

Jessica O. Matthews, the brains behind these energy saving devices, was inspired while visiting Nigeria when she noticed the electricity would go out multiple times during the day — which is why Uncharted Play is so focused on bringing their devices to children who do not have access to electricity.

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