Ed Baig

Ed Baig is the longtime Personal Tech Columnist at USA TODAY where he reviews tech products and services and weighs in on key industry trends. Prior to joining USA TODAY, Baig was on the staffs at Business Week, US News & World Report and Fortune Magazine. He makes frequent appearances on TV and radio, and is also the author of Macs For Dummies (published by Wiley) and co-author of iPhone for Dummies and iPad for Dummies.

Tim Bucher

Tim is Senior V.P. and Chief Product Officer of Seagate‘s Consumer Solutions Group. Prior to Seagate, Tim founded Lyve Minds, Inc., TastingRoom.com, and ZING Systems,. Zing was bought by Dell, Inc. where Tim served as the V.P. of Software and Entertainment Content. Tim also founded Mirra, Inc. and served at Senior V.P. of Macintosh Engineering.
Tim received his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California at Davis and received an M.S. in Computer Architecture from Stanford. He serves on the Board of Trustees and the College of Engineering’s Executive Committee at U.C. Davis and is Chairman of the GRAMMY Foundation for the Recording Academy.

Minerva Tantoco

Ms. Minerva Tantoco is the first-ever Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York. With 30 years in technology, she started her first software company in 1985, and recently served as CTO of global financial services firm UBS and Merrill Lynch. Ms. Tantoco is a strong advocate for encouraging more women to become involved with technology, and believes that technology can be used to spread knowledge and improve education, especially in underserved communities, and that artificial intelligence applied to the massively growing amount of systems, data, and interconnections offers capabilities of which we have yet to dream.