Downstairs in the Altman Building at CE Week Exhibits

Private for Attendees of Your Next TV Conference: 1:45pm – 5 pm, June 23
1:30-2:30 June 24
12:00-1:00 June 25

With all the talk about revolutionary improvements in home entertainment displays (whether it be 4K/UHD, curved TVs, Smart TV, etc.), one technology seems to be rising above the rest: high dynamic range. For three years, Your Next TV conferences have spoken about “more than just pixels …”; but this year it is time to go beyond just talk, we are going to show you something.

Two industry insiders will explain and illustrate this compelling new technical and creative tool and explain why it is a feature that both display manufacturers and creative content producers are working to bring this experience into your living room —really soon now. With the new potential for enhanced experience, this demonstration will also illustrate some of the challenges that hardware and content will need to address.

You will be very sad if you miss this demonstration.

joe_kaneAbout Joe Kane
Joe Kane specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging, helping to make it practical to accurately reproduce video signals on display devices. These efforts have been the focus of his company, Joe Kane Productions, since its founding in 1982.

Mr. Kane has a long history of participating in standardization of the canvas on which electronic art is created and making it possible for an audience to see the art as it was intended to be seen. He is currently working on the ultimate UHD system designed to be the next step in TV for consumers. Joe is a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and is active in several industry groups, including the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

rsz_bobkisorAbout Robert Kisor
Bob Kisor has over 40 years of experience spanning virtually all aspects of entertainment technology. In his most recent position as Vice President, Technology at Paramount Pictures, Bob was responsible for identifying and researching relevant new technologies, establishing and implementing digital distribution content protection policy, advocating those policies in industry forums, and reviewing and approving security and technology for all of Paramount’s worldwide digital distribution license agreements. During his tenure at Paramount, he also had responsibility for the planning, design, and support of production, postproduction, and distribution facilities at the studio. Prior to joining Paramount, Bob spent 17 years in the Engineering and Development department at CBS.

Bob continues to be active in various standards organizations and industry groups, including SMPTE, DCI, ASC, and DECE. He is a Fellow and past president of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and a graduate of UCLA.

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