Location:  Downstairs in the Altman Building at CE Week Exhibits
Dates:  Private for Attendees of Next Audio Conference:  1 pm – 5 pm, June 23;  open full Exhibit Hours, June 24-25
Schedule:  Demos will take place regularly;  check onsite for schedule.

AIX Records, an award-winning audiophile record label, will be presenting “High-Resolution Audio: Formats, Facts & Falsehoods” at CE Week in New York City, June 24-25, 2015. Mark Waldrep, blogger, audio engineer, record producer, and founder of AIX Records, will be holding demo sessions using real high-resolution, surround-audio recordings to help make sense of the confusion and conflicting definitions surrounding high-resolution audio. Attendees will learn about the evolution of audio quality and consumer delivery formats, including the latest developments in high-resolution streaming as imagined by Jay Z’s Tidal service, our hi-fi future with Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) tracks, hi-res download websites like PonoMusic, and surround music delivered in headphones.

rsz_markwaldrepAbout Mark Waldrep:

Founder, President and CEO of AIX Records and iTrax.com

Mark Waldrep is Founder, President, and CEO of AIX Records and iTrax.com, which are wholly owned subsidiaries of AIX Media Group. AIX Records and iTrax.com produce and distribute high-definition audio/video music recordings on discs and through the Internet.

Holder of multiple advanced degrees in music (Ph.D. 1986 UCLA, MFA 1984 Cal Arts), art (BA 1990 CSUN), and computer science (MS 1992 CSUN) as well as having years of practical experience as a designer, musician, recording engineer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Waldrep has been a pioneer in the integration of digital-multimedia technologies and the entertainment industry for over 30 years. He was instrumental in the development of the Enhanced Format (The Rolling Stones, Britney Spears, 311), and he produced and released the very first DVD-Video titles in March 1997. He is the producer/engineer of the largest catalog of HD Audio recordings, and he developed the first and only exclusively HD 5.1 surround-music download site on the web. He has worked with Neil Young, Bad Company, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, and the San Francisco Symphony on multimedia and HD Audio projects.

As an expert on music and the digital future, Dr. Waldrep is a frequent keynote speaker presenter and conference panelist, a regular contributing columnist for eMedia magazine, Surround Professional, and Videography, and a consultant to many large entertainment and corporate clients. His daily blog at RealHD-Audio.com is read by almost 5000 people every day…including the former CEO of Sprint!


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