10Under20 Awards: Young Innovators to Watch

Students from across NYC show off their entrepreneurial and high tech chops in this spirited award ceremony. This years judges include:

  • Warren Buckleitner, Childrens Technology Review @buckleit
  • Ian Calamel, Business Development Executive,  Asurion
  • Brian Cohen, New York Angels @brianscohen
  • Mamadou Diallo 2015 Winner, 10Under20
  • Kerry Goldstein, Producer, TransformingEDU @Transform_EDU
  • Diane Levitt, Sr. Director of K-12 Education, Cornell Tech @diane_levitt
  • Frank Migliorelli, Director of Digital Experience, New York Public Library @nypl
  • Surendra Persaud,Director@TheYoungHackers @theyounghackers
  • Ayelet Segal, Touchcast TV @ayeletsegal

Smart Homes, IoT… Let’s Make It Work

The projected number of connected devices in our homes, cars and cities is set to skyrocket. Will our washing machines soon be talking to our wallets? We look at the myriad devices set to launch and the infrastructure glue that will hold them together.

Fireside Chat: Meet IBM

Thomas Watson said, “Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them.” Now, meet Watson the most powerful cognitive thinking machine on the planet. See how deep machine learning and AI will change our businesses and our lives.

Monster 2.0: Blast into the Future

You haven’t been to CE Week until you see what Chief Monster, Noel Lee is unveiling. Special guests included.

Is that Tech You’re Wearing?

Your body has become a showcase for the some of the coolest technology on the planet. From fitness to sleep, from personal assistant to medical manager, the new wearables are a must see.

Peer into the New Reality of Data-Sharing

What if you could advertise directly to the shoppers doing product research on the websites of the brands you sell? With second-party data sharing now you can. Data-Sharing doe CE retailers and brands has arrived. Come learn about the benefits of using second-party data in your digital marketing efforts. This is only ad channel that enables retailers to capture shoppers of the brands they sell with benefits for both retailers and brands across the CE ecosystem. Enter to win a VR Virtual Reality Headset Must be present to win

Of Robots, Printers and Games

Some of the most innovative ideas of the season are meant to let your explore the possibilities and kickstart your imagination.

The Changing World of Retail

Your customers want you online and off, 24/7 and they want to feel your love. What are you going to do?

Launch-Time Fun: The Drone Report

Whether they’re entertaining you, delivering your groceries, or accessing soil content, drones will be a constant fixture in your life. Here’s your playbook.

The New Reality is Virtual and Augmented. Ready?

It’s a billion dollar reality!  Projections are for VR and AR to have their first billion dollar sales year in 2016. Whether you’re jumping off a cliff, touring a vacation destination or taking a tour of your unbuilt home we’ll look at the cameras, the headgear and the content systems you’ll need to know about.