Meet the Tastemakers: What They’re Talking About at CE Week NY

In less than three weeks’ time, the most influential minds in tech will be gathered in one place at CE Week, New York City’s largest consumer electronics (CE) and technology event. Here’s a preview of what these tastemakers will be discussing, seeing and experiencing over the course of the three-day series of events, conferences and exhibits.

For David Putrino, “Chief Mad Scientist” of Not Impossible Labs, a 3D printing company that creates prosthetic limbs on location in war-torn countries, the 3D printing movement has found its trajectory. “From printed prostheses to reconstructing brains, 3D printing is gaining momentum…and complexity!” says Putrino.

Muse from InteraXon is a device that measures your brain’s electrical activity and teaches you to train your brain to de-stress or to focus. The Muse will be on hand for visitors to try. Ariel Garten, InteraXon’s CEO, has a clear vision about the role of brain trackers. “We have trackers on our bodies that encourage us to get physically fit, but what will we do for the brain?” she asks.

It’s only fitting that NY’s shopaholic city also turn an eye to the future of retail.  Laura Heller, executive editor of FierceMarkets’ portfolio of retail publications, reports that “brick and mortar stores are alive and well, and getting a digital boost as technology transforms the retail environment.” Her panelists will explore the new multi-channel shopping experience, new technologies like beacons and the store of the future.

As the barriers between consumers and their brands disappear, new alliances, new programs and a new sense of vitality cater to the bond between consumers and the brands they love. We call this “The Rise of the Techfluencer,” and Monster’s “Head Monster” Noel Lee and LG Electronics’ Dave VanderWaal will be on hand to discuss how their companies are making the transition to keep their consumer fans close.

Jeremy Kaplan, editor-in-chief of Digital Trends, is moderating a panel on the new smart home.  He asks his panelists to speculate on this: “Since every smart home product is now itself a platform with a proprietary app – from your Nest thermostat to your fridge to your door locks – are we in for the standards war to end all standards wars?”

In a special panel that looks at urban technologies, problems and prospects, Bruce Borenstein, president and CEO of AfterShokz wonders if the government will mandate personal safety when using outdoor wearable tech products in much the same way that they require motorcycle riders to wear helmets today.  AfterShokz makes bone conduction headsets that allow you to keep your ears open to environmental noise even when listening to music.

With driverless cars, in-car entertainment and emergency tracking, your car now has just as much technology as your home.  “Technology is transforming not only cars, but transportation as a whole,” says Doug Newcomb, noted journalist and president of the C3 Group. On June 23, this special Connected Car Conference brings together thought leaders on the cutting edge of the driver experience, with a particular focus on urban mobility issues.”

The wearables trajectory continues. Never-seen-before wearables, like Clip and Talk, promise a revolution in hands-free speaking and health-connected devices.  Adlens promises the first eyeglasses to adjust to near and far sighted as needed, and wearable messaging rings like Oura will be on display.

Even the coffee breaks go high tech at CE Week as Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples, gives the world a preview of his Ripples latte printed with a customized image for each attendee.

New state-of-the-art ultra-high definition (UHD) screens from Sony, LG and Samsung and even emerging virtual currencies like Bitcoin will be displayed and discussed.

So where will you be on June 23-25?

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