Tech 50+

What comes to mind when you consider technology and folks over age 50? For many who create technology, they don’t consider us at all. And if they do, they often consider us technologically ignorant or irrelevant.   They forget that it was the 50+ ers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who built our digital world.

50+ ‘ers are expected to comprise 45% of the U.S. population this year. That’s 144 million of us with disposable income of about three trillion dollars. This is the audience that Tech50+ seeks to serve. We look at technology through our eyes, not through the eyes of a 20 something blogger. We cover the issues, technologies, trends, and devices that impacts our audience. We cover everything from smartphones to hi-tech outdoor gear, from connected health devices to connected cars, from e-bikes to cyber scams. We have a staff of veteran journalists who come from places like ABC, CNN, The New York Times, CBS, Fox, Bloormberg, Consumer Reports and PC Magazine.

As this generation has aged we have not lost our passion for technology. We have lost a bit of our eyesight, our hearing, and our manual dexterity. But most of all we’ve lost our patience for dealing with stuff that doesn’t work right. And that’s what Tech50+ is all about. We look at technology through our eyes in language that’s simple and straightforward. We don’t do “feeds and speeds”, and we don’t speak Geek. But we try our best to speak your language.