Show your stuff at NY’s largest technology show

Located right in the heart of NYC, with more than 3,000 attendees, CE Week takes a first look at the hottest tech and trends for the upcoming back-to-school and holiday season. We’ve got new and exciting TV and show presence opportunities designed to provide additional facetime – in the form of product workshops, fashion shows, robots on the runway, and TV studio opportunities.

  1. The Spotlight

An on-camera personality will showcase up to five products to our viewers twice a day at our TV studio (GL-1). Each product will receive 30 to 60 seconds of camera time to highlight unique features and excite our audience.

Exhibitor/Sponsor: $1500; Non Exhibitor/Sponsor: $2250

  1. The Interview

An on-camera personality will interview a key executive or product specialist from your organization for a one product, three-minute promotional discussion in our on-the-floor studio. Additional B-roll video will be shot at your booth.

Exhibitor/Sponsor: $2500; Non Exhibitor/Sponsor: $3500

  1. The Feature

An on-camera personality will come to your booth5. (or event) at the show to showcase your products, booth & company in a video that you will own. We will edit to no more than 3 minutes, add music and full-motion graphics.

Exhibitor/Sponsor: $3500; Non Exhibitor/Sponsor: $5000

  1. The Workshop

Does your produce require a deeper skill set you’d like share? How to make better videos, build 3D models, make you a better athlete? We invite you to take the stage at CE Week and hold a demo/master class. We take care of signups (seating for 20) and you bring your expertise.

Exhibitor/Sponsor: $2,500; Non Exhibitor: $5,000

To become a CE Week TV Sponsor contact Eric Schwartz.