Is High Dynamic Range The Next Great Thing?
by Joe Kane and Robert Kisor

What’s the next big thing in television?  Everyone who’s seen it says it’s HDR (High Dynamic Range);  however, there’s no standard and a range of companies are offering their own solutions.  Nonetheless, the improvement is plain as day and will bring the UHD promise up to viewer expectations.

Two industry thought leaders, Joe Kane and Bob Kisor, will provide a tutorial on this compelling new technical and creative achievement and will explain why it is a feature that both display manufacturers and creative content producers are working to bring to  your living room. This exclusive CE Week demonstration, sponsored by Samsung, will also offer insights into some of the challenges that hardware and content still need to address.

Tuesday, June 23 (Attendees of Nxxt TV and Next Audio Conferences Only): 2:30 pm

Wednesday, June 24:  1:30 pm

Thursday, June 25: 12:00 pm