Join us for some musical entertainment on Wednesday, June 24, at 5:00!

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Your performers:

Marco Parisi

rsz_marco_roli_croppedMarco Parisi is an Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer with perfect pitch, and his abilities on keyboard instruments are show-stopping. He excelled at piano and organ from an early age and is now considered one of the best Seaboard players in the world. Marco founded the internationally-rising electro pop group Heymen with his brother Jack and Luca Bertolini. When Marco is not busy with Heymen or recording with other artists and producers, he is a renowned product demonstrator for ROLI, makers of the Seaboard GRAND.




Gregg Stein

rsz_gregg_roli_headshotGregg Stein is a versatile drummer, a graduate of Berklee College and Harvard University, as well as an accomplished veteran within the consumer electronics and music technology industries. Gregg now leads ROLI’s global sales activities and serves as an advisor for AIRTAME